When I’m not downloading pornography, I enjoy visiting the following websites:


Electrical Audio

If it weren’t for the degenerates that run this place, this website might not exist.  A great website to discuss music and microphones.


Pop Artichoke & Pop Bento

Two fantastic food blogs created by Megg Sorensen, who happens to be the artist behind both t-shirts on this site.

Mario Batale Voice

One mediocre food blog created by noted racist, Steve Albini.

The Snackpot

At one point in time, I was bothering these guys to figure out why I couldn’t find larger bags of Lays Honey BBQ Potato Chips.


The Committed Indian

The absolute best analysis of the Chicago Blackhawks (and NHL Hockey, in general) on the web.  Brilliant and often hilarious.


Mr. King Photography

Not only one of my favorite humans, but a beautiful photographer.  He did all of our product shots.

Scott A. Shellhammer

Unsettling paintings from a guy who used to be in a band that once opened for Tortoise.

Bureau of Print Research and Design

Fran beat cancer twice, played bass in the greatest band of all time (the Traitors) and makes great posters.


Operation Clambake

My new favorite fascination – the absolutely crazy fucked up world of Scientology.  Did you ever go clear?

Live from the Barrage

Just about my favorite podcast on the web.  Second only to WTF w/ Marc Maron, Girl on Guy w/ Aisha Tyler, TED Talks, This American Life, Freakonomics Radio, Stuff You Should Know, Dilbert Animated Cartoons, James O’Brien’s Mystery Hour, the Nerdist, the Dr Laura Program & You Can’t Stop the Signal

Ben Bass and Beyond

Everyone’s favorite yammering boob.