Nittykitty is the third attempt by Andy Kosinski to collect his muddled, bizarre thoughts. The previous two tries were on his previous blog, lovingly titled “ShutUpAndy” which documented the long and depressing journey of a micro stakes online poker player who had a penchant for complaining about bad beats and not getting enough value on the later streets.

Eventually, the events of Black Friday combined with a newly realized interest in non poker activities activities such as going back to school, making annoying music, getting in shape, playing hockey, watching hockey & talking about a hockey caused a great enough distraction to push him away from the tables and consequently, his blog.  However, in the end, old habits do die hard and it is time to give it another go.

This time around, the blog will spray to all fields, still covering poker (when he gets a chance to play, that is) along with his other interests.

Oh, and we sell t-shirts. Show em’ where ya been by wearing a t-shirt.

AK47Our Fearless Leader